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Online Couples Relationship Therapy

Covid 19 has brought many challenges for couples and relationships and one of them has been a transition to online couples therapy.

Working online has a number of advantages, including

  • Ease of access
  • Work from a familiar environment
  • Work with couples in different locations
  • Time Management

It also has some potential challenges

  • A new way of working
  • Concerns about feeling connected
  • Technological challenges

Steven had already been investigating working online as part of his training of the Relate National Team and has the following checklist to see if working online is right for you.

  • At least one person in the couple is comfortable with technology
  • You have a good internet connection
  • You have a reasonably modern computer or laptop with a webcam or two reasonably modern phones.
  • You want to see a trained therapist who does not live in close proximity to you.

If all of these are true for you then working online may be good for you.


Intensives and Multiday Marathon Therapy sessions compress a month’s worth of therapy into a day. These processes can be very powerful to kick-start the therapy journey, manage demanding work schedules, help move clients through complex issues.  As Steven is working online at the moment he generally finds that half day sessions tend to work best as most of the distance and access issues are removed by online work.


Steven operates online from 12- 6 pm. Intensives can be done  on weekends by arrangement and morning sessions by request.


Missed appointments and late notice cancellations have a significant impact on counsellors as it is often not possible to fill appointments. Consequently appointments cancelled less than 48 hours before will attract a $100 cancellation fee. No shows for an appointment incur a full fee. These fees need to be paid prior to booking the next appointment.

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