Jealousy – is it really the Green Eyed Monster

For many people jealousy is the green eyed monster to be avoided at any cost.  But in many cultures and traditions jealousy is viewed positively as a protective shield particularly around relationships.  So how do you tell you tell the difference?  Protective jealousy recognises that relationships have vulnerabilities – a staff christmas party puts a […]

Building a Safe Relationship

Relationship Counselling

One of our primary needs in a relationship is to feel safe with our partner.  A relationship where we cannot relax our guard and be ourselves is a relationship that will be desperately unhappy and will probably not survive.  Stan Tatkin, who developed PACT (the psycho-biological approach to couples therapy talks about a secure functioning […]

It’s not about the Nail – Why men always want to fix things and what to do about it

This hilarious video highlights an important truth about empathy that can cause lots of problems in relationships or be a powerful source of connection. Fabulous Imago Therapist Pat Love in a recent talk commented on the fact that the brain actually has two empathy networks. The first is the one most woman are familiar with […]