Welcome to the Confessions of a Marriage Therapist

One of the great things about my job is sitting with couples on a daily basis as they begin to realise that they could actually have a great relationship.  It’s a moment poignant both with delight and some regrets – the, “Oh if only someone had told me this . . . ”

I confess to a certain missionary zeal to give couples the tools they need to have fabulous relationships and writing a book is definitely on my list of “things I must do”.  However at this stage it is much more accessible to simply blog a short paragraph now and then about a particular issue and my hope is that in time when I’m ready to write that maybe I will have  captured and distilled some core content.

I imagine you will see more than a few references to celebrities has a lot to do with the fact that tabloids tend to put on public display what most couples get to hide in their relationships.   My hope is that this would be interesting and informative and that it would it would enrich your capacity to love richly and deeply.  Enjoy

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