Couples Counselling

At the centre of couple’s therapy (couples counselling or marriage therapy) attempts to get better loving relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts. Counselling regularly helps people who are struggling with a relationship.

Why Choose Couples Counselling?

Couples Counselling can help in multiple scenarios including:

Communication Issue with Partner





High Expectation

Work-life Balance

If you are in a relationship and you are having problems. If you feel the issue you and your partner are experiencing is childish. Contact with professional couple’s counsellor or couples counselling in Auckland that could help you and save your relationship.

Relate Counselling was founded by Steven Dromgool is New Zealand most trained Couples Counselling Therapist in Auckland and Marriage Counsellor who has served several happy & satisfied couples in Auckland. Our team has completed significant in and out of house training and have developed an integrated approach to working with couples that have been taught in New Zealand and internationally.

Steven Dromgool provides couples counselling in Auckland and his aim to get better communication among the couples to resolve conflicts and the actual problem of divorce. Steven also helping them to build a more powerful and passionate relationship or marriage by helping they find again their early respect and admiration. Rather than endlessly rehashing the past, the focus is on helping couples make a safe, relaxed and passionate future together.

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