Relationship Counselling

Let’s face it – at times relationships are really hard work.  Living with another human being can be really tough some times. What makes it worse is that under stress our brain tends to move into fight flight mode that further reduces our capacity for empathy, flexibility and creativity.

Having a trained, experienced marriage or relationship therapist can help you navigate your challenges and move back into connection.

Counselling offers a safe, caring environment to figure out what makes your unique connection work. It will help you discover and process issues more effectively. You will discover new ways to love and care for your partner more effectively and how to help them be more successful at loving you.

Steven believes that the best thing about his job is helping couples fall in to love again and to deepen their sense of appreciation and respect towards each other.  Steven works with couples and individuals and his mission is help you build deep connected, passionate and playful relationships.

Benefits of Relationship Therapy:

Reduced Distress – Trained Couples Therapists have success rates of over 75% in reducing couples distress

Improved Communication – Counselling helps you both communicate what it is that you actually need your partner to hear. 

Increased Self Confidence – being heard helps us feel more confident to express ourselves to others because it reassures us at the deepest levels that we matter and our voice is important.

Decreased Sadness and Depression – Feeling disconnected is profoundly distressing to our brain and increases our risk of anxiety and depression – feeling heard and loved and supported is a protective factor against both of these symptoms.

Improved physical health – Our brain interprets relational distress as a survival threat and triggers our fight-flight response.  These uncomfortable feelings are supposed to catch our attention and help us focus on repairing the breach.  Staying in  a fight-flight state is incredibly stressful for the body and on average equates to a 7-10 year difference in your lifespan.  A bad relationship will literally kill you and a good one can save your life.

Improved ability to manage stress – when we feel supported and loved we are far better able to manage the inevitable stresses that life brings.

Work-life Balance – Looking forward to coming home gives your life a sense of purpose and meaning.  Over your lifespan you will be more productive, creative and expansive when you love who you are with.

Rapid conflict resolution skills – most couples have the same fights over and over again.  Marriage and relationship therapy can help you unpack the root causes of these conflicts and learn how to use them as an impetus for connection.  These same skills will help you become signifcantly more effective resolving issues in the workplace.

Several couples come to counselling for lots of reasons because few are struggling with sadness and anxiety, others with strain or failure. Some couples come for specific reasons for relationship or place of work issues while others need transparency around life change decisions.

FAQ’s about Marriage and Relationship Counselling and Therapy

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