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Jealousy – is it really the Green Eyed Monster

For many people jealousy is the green eyed monster to be avoided at any cost.  But in many cultures and traditions jealousy is viewed positively as a protective shield particularly around relationships.  So how do you tell you tell the difference?  Protective jealousy recognises that relationships have vulnerabilities – a staff christmas party puts a […]

Mind-blowing Sex – Unleashing your wild child

I’m really excited in this post to introduce you to a FABULOUS author and speaker Esther Perel.  Apart from being beautiful, brilliant and funny she also captured and articulated something amazingly well in this TED talk about how to use the child (limbic) brain to keep passion alive in long term relationships.  The talk is […]

Arnold getting fresh with Maria – How can you love someone and still have an affair

Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger was caught getting fresh with his estranged wife Maria Shriver – like most celebrity videos this is a bit of a beat up but they certainly looked companionable.  When news of Arnold’s long term affair came out many people had strong opinions suggesting that obviously Arnold could not love Maria and have […]